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Conferences during semester 6

These interactive conferences are designed for ENAC alumni working in industry and ENAC engineering students. They allow direct and rewarding exchanges on the engineer’s profession and potential professional paths, in order to help students make the right choices.

“Forum Toulouse Technologies”

This "Forum Toulouse Technologies" /// is organized by ENAC students themselves in association with students of other “Grandes Ecoles” of the Toulouse area. It is an ideal meeting place for students and companies.

La Journée ENAC Entreprises : ENAC Annual Industry Forum

Every year in May since 2006, a special day has been organized on  ENAC premises where students can meet their future employers from industry. Graduate engineers and Master’s students can perform job interview simulations.

Graduation ceremonies, scholarship awards, tuition grant events

These celebrations are an opportunity to take part in ENAC life and to meet students or young graduates in a friendly atmosphere.

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