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Industrial internships play a crucial role in training students. They are an irreplaceable means of making contact with the professional world, of discovering its diversity, concerns and needs. They also enable the students to gain a clearer picture of the profession of engineer and the areas in which they might wish to work. Three internships are proposed during the three year program.

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Three internship types

Industrial placement

This internship is an opportunity for our first year students to become acquainted with company operations. It lasts from 4 to 8 weeks and takes place between mid-June and end of August. The aim of this placement is to discover the corporate or industrial environment through a variety of tasks. These may be production or service-based or consist of a small study.

Engineering study

The second year students perform a 14 to 18 week internship between end of May and end of September. This internship allows students to experience the profession of engineer in real situations. Trainees are placed in situations where they are expected to take the initiative to participate in the resolution of an industrial or research problem, of either a technological or technical and economic nature. Through this exercise, they get a better understanding of the engineering profession by being part of a team of engineers.

The work performed as well as the positions held by the student may correspond to the demands encountered by young graduate engineers at the beginning of their career. This internship takes the form of assisting a senior engineer.

End of study project

This is a 24 to 26 week internship during which third year students carry out a full-scale, high level project of a scientific, technical or methodological nature, within a company or a research laboratory. By means of this final project the student, as a full-time member of a working team, is given the opportunity of applying different skills acquired during his academic semesters in a professional context. It is important that the student is entrusted with their own project which may be a subset of a larger plan.

This project is concluded with both a written report and a final interview in front of a jury at ENAC premises in Toulouse.

This internship is also an opportunity for students to demonstrate their behavioral skills by joining a team within a company or laboratory department. Moreover, they are expected to be able to take a critical look at their own work and initiatives, as well as creativity are welcomed.

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