Aviation Safety and Security

Enhancing air transport safety and security in a constantly evolving environment is a systemic challenge by its very nature.

Systemic, firstly, because it relies on all air transport stakeholders – airlines, ATC, aircraft manufacturers, airports, authorities…- as well as on their interactions.

Systemic equally because it involves a number of dimensions – technological, sociological, economic, cultural…- which vary around the world and also play a key role in safety.

ENAC activities encompass the whole air transport system. Its expertise in each aviation domain and their interactions & integration make it a prime player to promote a holistic research approach on safety and address it in its complexity.

In partnership with an international network of research organizations and industries, ENAC safety research addresses a number of approaches such as:

  • Resilience and its operational application
  • Transition from compliance-based to performance-based approach to safety
  • Integrating security threats into safety management
  • Measuring safety both at organization and air transport system level
  • Enhancing training for aviation professionals considering their sociological evolution and that of the global aeronautical environment



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