Advanced Technician Degree in Aviation (TSA)

Team leader, station manager, aerodrome controller, airline auditor quality...: Technician Training Aviation (TSA in French), opens access to various professions for a varied and exciting career in civil aviation.

TSA public servant

You can exercise very diversified functions in all services of the DGAC (the French ANSP):

  • Control of air traffic in many airports, studies and development of air traffic procedures, aeronautical information, etc. (Air Navigation Services Directorate)
  • Inspection and supervision of air navigation areas, air transport, airports, general aviation, flight personnel licensing, safety, environment, etc. (Safety of Civil Aviation Directorate )
  • Research Analyst, IT, logistics, training, etc. (All services and departments of the DGAC) or even the Bureau of Investigations and Analyses for Civil Aviation Security, reporting directly to the Ministry of Transport

TSA in private sector

TSA in private sector allows to access carrers in airport management companies or airlines for example.

In these companies, you can exercise very varied responsibilities of functions which take you for example to participate in operational studies on the operation of the airport sector (use of airport runways, aircraft operating conditions) to work in an operating department of an airline, or in an airline ground handling company.

TSA classes are fully taught in French.

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